Electronic Music Production Class

Two Bridges Music is offering a new class in Electronic Music Production.

Taught by professional producer and violist Brian Lindgren, the class will teach you how to produce and record your own music, beats and tracks using music software on the computer. Learn to use studio techniques, program beats, input notes via MIDI keyboard, and sample audio.

Syllabus Outline

Lesson #

  1. Introduction / Working with Loops & Recorded Audio
  2. Recording Audio
  3. Midi: Drum machines
  4. Sampling Audio
  5. Midi: Synthesizers
  6. Signal Processing / Effects Part 1
  7. Signal Processing / Effects Part 2
  8. Automation
  9. Arranging Music
  10. Mixing Basics
  11. Exporting a Project
  12. Performance

The 12-week class meets weekly on Wednesdays, 6:00 – 7:30, Jan 23 – May 23 pm 2018 (16 week courses) at 82 Rutgers Slip, Goldie Chu Community Room (2nd floor)

$400 for 16 classes

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Fore more info and questions, please contact:

email: music@twobridges.org
phone: 646-355-8397