About Us

Two Bridges serves the residential, commercial, and cultural life of Manhattan’s Lower East Side through community-based programs and strategic partnerships. Our service area includes the economically, culturally, and ethnically diverse neighborhoods of Two Bridges, Chinatown and the Lower East Side.

As it has for over a century-and-a half of immigration, the demographic composition of the Lower East Side varies widely across all neighborhoods. In spite of the recent wave of gentrification transforming many parts of the Lower East Side, tens of thousands of working-class and low- to moderate-income individuals and families—many with deep roots in the neighborhood, and others just arriving—still call the Lower East Side home. Two Bridges serves the community by creating affordable housing, advocating for improvements related to quality of life, providing access to social services, education and recreation programs, providing access to technology, and engaging residents in the public, political and planning processes that impact the community in which they live and work.