Two Bridges Little Free Library

Little Free Library


The Two Bridges Little Free Library, "Word Play", designed by artist and architect, Chat Travieso, will be featured on this week's episode of MetroFocus! Be sure to tune in or watch online, and don't forget to let us know your thoughts!

Special thanks to Marisa Wong and the team at MetroFocus; Chat Travieso; the students and families in the Two Bridges After School program; the residents of the Two Bridges neighborhood (especially 82 Rutgers Slip); the Architectural League of New YorkPEN World Voices Festival of International Literature; and the Little Free Library!

"Word Play” is a small-scale free library near the entrance of 82 Rutgers Slip. Playing with the ideas of stacking and perspective, the piece uses layered plywood to allude to the vertical patterns produced by books on a bookshelf as well as create multiple visual effects based on the angle one views the library. Located in a diverse community made up of English, Spanish, and Chinese speakers, this visual effect allows the library to convey the message “LIBRARY” (printed on the surface of the piece) in these three languages all at once. By doing so, “Word Play” seeks to capture the heterogeneous nature of the neighborhood. In addition to the small-scale book shelter that holds approximately 20 books, the piece provides seating that faces the East River waterfront so that the library becomes a place where people can stay to read, share with their neighbors, and enjoy the view.

While You Are In the Neighborhood, Come Check Out Our "Little Free Library", on the Corner of Rutgers Slip & South Street!

In 2013, ten "little libraries" were placed across downtown NYC. Each will be an outdoor public library in miniature, tailored to serve the community they represent. We are honored to have Artist and Architect, Chat Travieso, designing the little library for our neighborhood in collaboration with our Two Bridges Kids! After School Program.

So Come --- "Leave a Book. Swap a book. Take something away." 


Update - Thank you for your care, stewardship, and participation with the Two Bridges Little Free Library this year!

With the snow and cold weather on the way, we have decided to take down the Little Free Library for the Winter season.

During this time, the library’s artist and architect, Chat Travieso, will make necessary repairs and touch ups to keep the library in top condition.

The Library Will Return in the Spring of 2015! 

We look forward to celebrating the re-installation of the Library with you and your family when the warmer weather returns!

Have Questions About the Two Bridges Little Free Library? Please Contact (212) 566-2729 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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